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Get Started

Follow these three easy steps to get started. And remember you can always reach out to me with any questions.

Step 1: Assemble a profile

As a first step, you must put together a profile for your school that includes the following:

What I need from you:

Your utility provider

Such as Eversource, National Grid, etc,. This is important in establishing the V2G capabilities.

The current size and type of buses in your fleet

For example, before the deal, my school had 13 buses, 9 were large and held 71 passengers, 4 were medium (29 passengers) and 1 was a 7-D that held 7 passengers.

Ownership status

Are your buses owned or leased? If owned, how old are they? If leased, when does the lease term expire and how much is the monthly payment?

Step 2: Schedule a consultation to customize a solution for your specific circumstances

Once I have your profile, we can schedule time to have a more detailed conversation to put together a customized plan of action for approaching bus vendors, dealers, and V2G partners to get a price estimate for the transition to an electric bus or a whole fleet. We can price out a turnkey solution (one fixed cost per bus per month) or one that is more a-la-carte, depending on your needs and preferences.

Step 3: Secure a grant

The Green Yellow Bus Initiative has worked with professional grant writers who can submit or help you submit complete applications for your school. The only items we need from you are some information that may vary depending on the granting institution or which specific grant you apply for, but the information is relatively straightforward and will typically include:

A. DUNS number 

B. Full Applicant Name 

C. Full Applicant Address 

D. Lead person in charge if grant received—need name, email, phone number, position title

E. Proof of bus operation

And You're Done!

Always feel free to reach out to me. As someone with experience helping schools transition from diesel to electric buses, I can be a very valuable resource in helping you through any of these steps. And my consulting services are completely free!

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